Correct Methods of Chemical Storage

It is important to know the right methods of chemical storage if you are working in the chemical industry. In such industries, there are various hazardous materials being used which require the necessity for safe chemical storage. These hazardous materials used can be very dangerous to human health and the environment. If you inhale some of these chemicals, the effects can be fatal while others affect your eyes or skin. Sometimes when you store various chemicals together can prove to be very dangerous. Some chemicals are supposed to be stored under specific temperatures while others need to be stored separately. It is, therefore, important to know how are supposed to store chemicals properly. The following will guide you on the right chemical storage.

Storage Cabinet

Availing chemical storage in the form of a storage cabinet is one one of the best ways to protect yourself and the environment from the chemicals you use, aside from spill barriers. In case there is spillage, your storage cabinet should have fire protection and fitted with a lock. This is an ideal method for small amounts of chemicals.

Gas Cylinder Case

Gas cylinder cases ensure that safety precaution measures are in place, keeping the cylinder in an upright position. Gas cylinder case is convenient to protect the cylinder from unauthorized personnel in the chemical industry.

Walk-in Chemical Store

This is another suitable chemical storage process. Depending on a number of chemicals you will be storing, the walk-in chemical stores range in many different sizes and shapes. Since they are fitted with doors and a lock, your various chemicals will be protected safely.

Pesticide Storage

Different hazardous agri-chemicals and pesticides can be safely stored in the pesticide storage units. The units should be fitted with ventilation system such as panels and should also have lockable doors. To adequately secure the safety of your chemicals, the units should be installed with temperature control systems as well.

IBC Bunds and Spill Trays

Bunds are installed in case of any spillage that might occur. IBC Bunds or spill trays are large enough to hold the same amount of materials as the container. This provides a safe space for the leakage or spillage of the chemicals in that container.

The above are some of the correct chemical storage methods can can be used in the chemical environments. Whether you are working as a science teacher in a high school or a lab technician in a chemical plant, it is essential to store the chemicals you use properly for your safety and those people who are around you. The practice of correct chemical storage is important and easy to adhere to once implemented.